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Exhaustive curriculum

  • 120+ video lessons
  • In depth conceptual learning progressing from basic to advanced levels suiting students of all calibre levels
  • Examples with each concept
  • 500+ Practice Questions
  • Detailed explanations to the practice questions
  • Additional grammar lessons strengthening the base of learning
  • 30+ sample essays
  • Relative analysis of essays of different writing levels with detailed explanations on various approaches and improvement areas
  • Sample responses in speaking module of different band levels with in depth explanations on improvement areas
  • Inspirational success stories of students with tips on preparation and exam strategies

Flexibility and easy accessibility

  • Revision on the go : A mobile application on grammar and other crucial concepts related to the training (updated regularly) accessible anytime. Study anywhere just at a click of a mouse at your convenient timings
  • Repetition of concepts and ability to refer back to them for better comprehension.

Progress Tracker & Best Value

  • 5 evaluations provided with detailed feedbacks highlighting the areas of improvement and suggesting methods towards improvisation
  • Email assistance available round the clock from experienced and certified tutors.
  • A couple of live sessions arranged on request during the course for clarification of concepts.
  • Unbeatable price : For the amount of support and assistance that is provided, we can vouch our competitors can not match our service.

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The Pearson Test of English Academic

PTE Academic is a computer-based academic English language test aimed at non-native English speakers wanting to study abroad. It tests Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. to know more about PTE, click on demo video.

Course Fees : Rs 4500.

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Why take Online training?

  • Many students constantly strive hard to maintain a balance between work and family commitments, and they don't always have time to make themselves available at a certain hour thus the flexibility to set their own schedule for a lot of students is a huge benefit.

  • The repetition of concepts and the ability to refer back to the concepts again is a big advantage that drives many students towards self paced learning.

  • self-paced learning can be great for students who may feel more comfortable using the written notes than speaking in class. They find it hard to cope up to the pace of the tutor and can go as per their own understanding and can take time to think about a response.

    One latest research survey states that this kind of learning gives struggling average students the chance to review information or move at a slower pace, while also allowing advanced students to zip through the material. 

  • Among one of the most important advantages of video as a teaching resource is that, unlike a lecture, is flexibility of the schedule where students can choose when to engage in it. This can certainly make life easier for students with other commitments and can be referred back n forth for practice and revision.


  • 1.The training curriculum is structured in such a way that basics are taken in detail, adapting to varied English proficiency skills , to implementation of the concepts learned.
  • 2. The unique selling point of our organization is that it is result driven.
  • 3. Extra practice and query sessions with the faculty are arranged or whatever it takes for excellent and desired results.
  • 4. Regular feedback sessions and assisted reviews in all the modules.